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"We will build again"

Ogwehohweh Skills and Trades Training Centre Longhouse GANǪSA’Ǫ:WEH “Real/Original House” in Gayogo̱hó:nǫ’/Cayuga was envisioned by Kahyonhakta “By the River” as a place where the history and culture of the Haudneosaunee is accurately and appropriately represented. Providing cultural, social, educational, and economic benefits to the community of the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. Visitors from around the world have been able to take part in cultural teachings such as tea sampling, creating craftwork and educational site walks to identify Indigenous plants and medicines. Visitors could also participate in traditional games such as ding-ball, lacrosse, archery, and hoop game. Everyone who walked through the doors of GANǪSA’Ǫ:WEH was given a glimpse into the Haudenosaunee way of life.

This amazing structure and symbol of education in our community was tragically engulfed in flames on Friday, July 22nd 2022. We have created The Ęjidwa̱hsrǫ:ni:’ ‘We Will Build Again’ Fund campaign that will help us achieve our vision of rebuilding the longhouse and support our mission of cultural awareness.

In the early stages of envisioning this project Advisory Committee Member to Kahyonhakta, Richard W. Hill Sr said, “In keeping with our name, ‘People who are building the extended lodge,’ we are building yet another longhouse. While it has been many centuries since our people actually lived in bark-covered longhouses, we have finally begun to build a new longhouse as a place of memory and learning. It has taken several years of research, planning and dreaming to finally be able to see the old-style longhouse rising up on the land. It is such a good feeling knowing that soon our children will be able to see such a historic structure here in our own community. It will be very important to reinforce our traditional identity as the People of the Longhouse. It will also allow us to have a sharing place where the stories, crafts, and games of our ancestors come alive for the next generation.”

Our mission for this project is to provide a comprehensive and appropriate overview of the Haudenosaunee culture and history as well as increased tourist traffic to Six Nations. This space is where people can learn, interact and engage with other community members along with promoting sustainable ecotourism industry. Students at the Ogwehoweh Skills and Trades Training Centre and clients of Grand River Employment and Training have had access to this space for cultural learning and to reconnect with their history and strengthen their social identity. Several Six Nations community members are employed full time since the vision of the longhouse has been achieved.

Our goal is to achieve our vision of rebuilding the longhouse and support our mission of cultural awareness to complement the sustainability and holistic practices that Kayanase provides to the community. Your generous donation and support to The Ęjidwa̱hsrǫ:ni:’ ‘We Will Build Again’ Fund will make it possible to continue with our mission of bringing Haudenosaunee culture and awareness to the world.

Donation: About


Charitable registration number: 891340796RR0001

Donations can be made online, in-person, or mailed to:

Grand River Employment and Training Inc.
16 Sunrise Ct
Ohsweken, ON
N0A 1M0

Please make cheques payable to Grand River Employment and Training Inc.

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Special Projects Coordinator: Jheri Jamieson
Phone: 519-717-3957

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